Cloud Platform

Quickly enable end to end commerce with our modular and extendable SaaS platform.

Marketing & Intelligence

Customer centric, data led consultancy to accelerate your eCommerce strategy.

Training & Support

Complete training and onboarding for your teams by our vastly experienced experts.

The way to quickly and easily go Direct to Consumer.

A SaaS platform that is modular and extendable, so you can add on the features you need without investing in needless software. Plus, our platform is reliable, fast, and has a lower cost of ownership than traditional software.

"The car business is changing, and it's hard to keep up. In an ocean of new technologies, services, and ways of doing things, it's hard to know which way to turn. Our secure & compliant cloud-based technology specialises in automotive retail - combining our industry expertise with the latest technologies to help you embrace direct to consumer retail."

Beyond Technology.

Unlike most software providers, RockarTech has expansive industry knowledge across technology, operations and the customer landscape. We’re the only Automotive technology business confident enough to run a proof-of-concept business. That business became a leading premium retailer in less than three years.

We power the Omnichannel strategy for leading brands.

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Why RockarTech

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Book a Session

1s and 0s to $1,000,000s. £1,000,000s. €1,000,000s. ¥100,000,000s. R10,000,000s.

As a vehicle manufacturer, the shift to DTC and omnichannel brings with it new processes, new KPIs and new questions that need answering. Our Trading & Optimisation team helps you to squeeze every penny out of your investment.

Customer Data Platform.

The Rockar Tech customer data platform provides access to insightful streams of downloadable data, from all your customer’s touchpoints and interactions. Capitalise on our market leading BI technology, or plug in to your existing investments such as Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau.

Actionable Intelligence.​

Our data experts create the most insightful customised dashboards that show exactly what your customers are doing. From adds to baskets and wishlists to booking a service. Rockar Reporting puts intelligent decision making in your hands.

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Got any questions?

As an Automotive business, you lose out by choosing large, wide serving platforms which need to serve multiple industries within the same technology. RockarTech have invested significantly in end to end eCommerce tools for over ten years, so OEMs, Importers and Retailers can benefit from specific tools built with intense focus and knowledge of our unique industry.

Why are Microservices better than ‘Monoliths’ such as Salesforce, Magento and Adobe Commerce? Critical services such as Checkout and Part Exchange are separate from each other which means complete flexibility and integration with your current processes and applications. Plus, we can push important updates and improvements without a break in service. No more downtime waiting for deployments to finish.

With our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, you get to choose the level of service and product you need without an obligation to take on needless cost. Plus with our packaged monthly prices, you get the latest and greatest technology as it becomes available with no worries about critical infrastructure, compliance or hosting – we’ll handle it all.

Not if you don’t need to. Our microservices are compatible with your existing platform or PWA (Progressive Web App). You’ve got the freedom to choose the services you need, and if you need it all that’s ok too. We’ll build your PWA based on our technology, with full end to end omnichannel eCommerce functionality.

Nope. No tricks. You pay for the services you use and only that. Sell as many cars as you can dream of and deliver endless leads – your cost won’t change.

Absolutely. Our consultancy teams are extremely well versed in Automotive eCommerce and all things Direct to Consumer (DTC). We’ve successfully engaged in Trading & Optimisation consultancy with the worlds leading Automotive brands to help implement new processes, adapt old processes and execute conversion led, customer centric marketing strategies. Our Success Team will be there every step of the way to onboard you and nobody knows this business like our Training and Implementation teams.

Ja. Oui. Sí. It sure does. Localisation is baked into our technology, and we’ll work closely with your global markets to ensure local compliance, language and optimisations aren’t an afterthought.

We’re on hand to answer any of your questions. Let us know what your’re thinking and our Automotive experts will be happy to help.