All automotive eCommerce was not created equal.

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At Rockar Tech, we strongly believe that buying a car online isn’t a thing of the future, it is a thing of now. Automotive eCommerce should be simple, lead by the customer and flexible.

Over 65% of sales generated in the Rockar Tech platform are completed purely online – customers are willing to buy without ever visiting a showroom IF the journey is right. 

However, we don’t think your existing platform provider is giving you true automotive eCommerce, but just some of the offering. We can change this and get your business up to speed with the whole picture.

So who is Rockar Tech? 

Rockar Tech provides an end-to-end Omnichannel car buying platform that powers the world’s most innovative automotive retail and manufacturing businesses. That’s a mouthful! We like to think we are really just helping people buy cars without messing about. 

Rockar Tech is much more than just an automotive tech provider. Since 2014, we have been putting the formula to the test with digital retail stores across the globe. Our experience is based not on theory, but on living and improving what we do every day. 

Businesses like BMW, Jardine Motor Group, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW Mini, Toyota Lexus and Mitsubishi trust us to drive their end-to-end car sales as we continue to partner with some of the most forward-looking brands in the business. 

But, how is Rockar Tech really different?

The Rockar tech platform has been built using actual data from customer journeys and behaviours, so we have been able to design the buying journey around what car buyers really want. Not only that, but we can provide real-time data from real customers which will enable visibility of customers preferences, and when they are most likely to hit the buy button. 

Who wouldn’t want better visibility to help improve and tailor a customer’s full journey? Not only that, the communications that are going out to them can be extremely specific, leading to better open rates, engagement, repeat site visits and ultimately providing a better experience of buying a car for both the retailer and the customer. 

We have seen that 1.5% of website visitors create an account with your brand directly, providing product and marketing data. 77% of those who go on to buy have interacted with promotional emails.

Using the data we’ve seen how important it is to provide a flexible journey that customers can jump in and out of. They will return to the site numerous times to tweak their product, part exchange and finance choices and make comparisons (importance of allowing them to change choices and re-calculate at any stage).

Predictability is such an important part of the world at the moment, and that includes the automotive industry. Because Rockar Tech can show “top of the funnel” information, from visits to baskets to account creation, we can reliably predict sales levels into the future allowing you to plan sales and promotions. 

What does the platform do?

The platform integrates all aspects of the customer’s car-buying journey. It can be accessed by the customer online or used in-store, where it’s displayed at the point of sale. Whichever the touchpoint, the platform serves up all the information a customer needs to complete a purchase. In fact, they feel so confident that typically only one in three will choose to visit a store before buying. Generating the confidence to buy is all about providing a seamless journey, all in one place.
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