Omnichannel Trends that will help retail brands stand out in 2022 – Part 3

The third and final article in this series is going to look at how to build a value exchange through experiential loyalty. It is one of the three main factors that will help you to stand out in the omnichannel world and help you to keep your customers loyal to you. 

Research from SAP’s playbook shows that over 70% of retailers are very or somewhat dependent on cookies when it comes to customer insights and marketing activities. There has recently been a large shift from third-party cookies to “zero-party” data. Just in case you are not sure, “zero-party” data is basically when a customer is saying “Hello, please can we be friends and I would like to tell you what I like so you can tell me what you do”. When a customer agrees to this, they are open to having a relationship with your brand and in return you will give them  a better experience, better treatment and access to the perks that they might not have had before. 

When your customers are open to a relationship with you in this way, it is the perfect opportunity to re-engage and re-educate them about your brand and what you have to offer them. But it is also really important to make this a two way street. Use this relationship to really listen to what they are interested in and what they want from your brand. This will help to give you the power to become a lasting brand that is able to adapt and grow with your customers preferences.

Another great way to build that very important relationship and value exchange is a loyalty scheme. Using the data you have on a customer to create a very personal journey and loyalty programme is such a good way to keep on that relationship. Being able to provide an offer or a service that you know your customer will actually want is only going to keep customers loyal to you. A great example of this would be to contact a customer who has recently purchased a car with an offer for accessories for the model that they have or a servicing package. 

A brand that hasn’t adopted an omnichannel strategy may be facing a challenge to keep customers loyal. The Rockar Tech platform and team can help you to get your omnichannel strategy working to its best. To  take control of how you collect your data and how you use it to its fullest, get in touch to find out how. 

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