The 4-stage process of selling online explained

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At Rockar Tech, we stand by the fact that selling online really shouldn’t be a hard or complicated process which is why we have broken it down into a 4 stage process. 

We understand that buying a car online is still a bit of a scary thought for a lot of customers, so we need to provide confidence by creating a simple and seamless journey from start to beginning, all in one place. 

The Rockar Tech platform can be accessed online or even in-store, and serves up all the information you could need to complete a purchase. We have seen this work so many times, in fact, customers are so confident that typically only one in three will choose to visit a store before buying. 

For those who do visit the store, there doesn’t need to be any pressure to purchase there and then. The Rockar platform allows you to create a customer account, save the exact vehicle a customer loves and checkout later at home – whilst giving you the tools to keep in touch with that customer remotely.

So, how do we do this? 

From our experience, all 7 years of it, testing and platform updates, we have created a simple four-step sequence that works:


We’ve learned that if customers know their budget they will be comfortable to explore their options, often upselling themselves to more expensive cars in the knowledge that they can afford them. 


Through the Rockar Tech platform, brands are able to offer customers instant, guaranteed values for their existing cars. These valuations work as a lever to drive the sale and are a valuable source of conquest data (typically 68% convert from other brands)


With the finance side of things done, the customer is free to browse their options, setting their own criteria and exploring new, used and configured cars within the same journey.

The buying journey is not linear – more often than not it involves multiple visits, many changes to parameters and a host of “wishlist” vehicles. With customer accounts, we are able to understand customers’ preferences throughout the journey and trigger automated communications which encourage customers along the funnel and market the Buy Online benefits.  


Customers need to have a lot of confidence in your website to check out online, so the whole process must be clearly explained along the way. 

It must be seamlessly easy to pick up an account at any time and make the final purchase. 

If customers have any questions, it needs to be super-easy to get an answer (and fast!)

Customer reviews and ratings are vital in giving customers the confidence to press the “buy now” button!

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