Why bricks and mortar? The changing role of the physical showroom.

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With the country going into lockdown last year shops and physical showrooms had to take on new roles for businesses. They had to become a support act instead of the star of the show and there were quite a few retailers who didn’t quite get this right. 

Rockar retail completely shut the doors to the Westfield Shopping Centre store, but we are excited to be opening our brand new Canary Wharf store soon. This store will continue to be powered by the Rockar Tech platform. 

But, this might seem like a rather odd move to some, considering sales were up while our physical doors were shut during the lockdowns. So why exactly are we investing in a brand new store?

To us, this is simple: all retail brands need to be wherever customers are, and from our vast experience we know that this is both online and in-store. 

 So what’s the role of the showroom in a multi-channel world?

With the way in which people research, browse and buy cars changing so quickly, it is so important to provide customers with simplicity and consistency across all channels. It is vital that the deals, prices and products should all be represented in the same way in-store as they are online. 

Research has shown that 52% of customers dislike the current showroom experience and feel anxious or uncomfortable in a dealership. So it is more important than ever that retailers provide confidence, consistency and a nice smooth journey both online and in-store. 

Using the Rockar Tech platform, Rockar Retail has been able to maintain amazing customer ratings on Trustpilot. 

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